welcome to Jinny Kim’s Lab

CFC (Center for Functional Connectomics) at the KIST


One of the useful and promising techniques in modern neuroscience involves the visualization of molecular processes that underlie the storage and loss of information within the brain.  Our goal is to understand fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms by which information is collected, transformed, stabilized, and removed as it makes its way through the nervous system.  Using a well-studied mouse model system, we focus our research plan mainly on applying advanced bioimaging techniques to study prominent molecular alterations in dendrites, and to reveal the organization of neuronal networks.  We combine imaging, electrophysiological, behavioral, computational, and other molecular biological techniques for our investigations.  We plan to apply the following approach to investigate; (1) molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission: local protein synthesis and ion channel trafficking in dendrites, and (2) optogentic analysis: mapping brain circuitry with mGRASP (mouse GFP-Reconstitution Across Synaptic Partners) technology.